Sep 25, 2017

A special day.

Today was a special day for me. I had off and I’m not going to say why it was a special day but it was.

How do I spend a special day?

Well, I took a trip down to the DMV and renewed my license. It took almost two hours and at one point I actually nodded off for a little bit. I don’t remember the DMV being so bad but then again, I went to White Plains which can be a bit of a cluster fuck.

After that I got a haircut.

Then I took myself out for a meal at a favorite Greek place and had Moussaka.

After that I went to the supermarket and turned in empties (soda, only soda!) and then threw the dirty clothes in at the laundromat and went over to drop off and pick up my shirts.

I folded everything and walked in a little while ago.

I didn’t mow the lawn like I wanted (much to my neighbors chagrin no doubt). I didn’t do the sink full of dishes but I did get some stuff done.

And that’s a good day.

I reached the end of the day feeling as if I’ve gotten some things done and accomplished something and really that’s what it’s all about.

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